From 18th to 21st April 2015 PDFC SUNSILK FASHION WEEK 2015 was held at EXPO CENTRE LAHORE.

During the four day event SUNSILK engaged the platform to launch their products, marketing campaigns and promotional activities.

SUNSILK partnership in addition to their title patronage was very unique and appreciatable.

The four days setup on event organized by SUNSILK was exclusively the setup was designed for a particular designer on particular day which has created an exclusive impact. SUNSILK also arranged and distributed water and other different giveaways to the guests which made their presence very evident

Moreover, the competition organized on the third day of the event where the winner got IPhone which was again lauded by the guests.

Overall the 4 day event was a success and mainly the credit of this success is artributed to SUNSILK. Our visit to PFDC SUNSILK FASHION WEEK 2015 was a pleasent journy and we congratulate all the designer and the management of PFDC for organising the event.


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