WellaAbudawood Pakistan Wella Professionals Division launched its first ever learning academy in Pakistan. Wella started off with a strong heritage of outstanding leadership in the salon industry. For over 125 years, Wella Professionals has perfected the science and beauty of hair; alongside, working with scientists and colorists worldwide to drive innovation and inspiration for salon professionals. With a valued reputation worldwide, Wella Professionals redefines the standard in color and service.
It was the brand’s presence all over the world that propelled P&G to introduce it to the Pakistani market. But after an initial setback, Abudawood Pakistan was appointed as the sole distributor for Sales, Distribution and Marketing of Wella Salon Professionals in May 2014 after which, things have started to pace up.
“Salon industry in Pakistan has a lot of potential. The services provided by our salons can be easily compared to the International standards. But the market is not fully developed and this is where we want to make a difference and add value by working closely with the hair dressers’ community in introducing latest trends in hair coloring and styling” Says Mr.Nael Ahmad – Country Manager Abudawood Pakistan.
Globally known as Ismail Abudawood Trading Company (IATCO), Abudawood Pakistan (ADP) has its origins rooted in the heartland of Saudi Arabia. Being one of the largest multinational distribution company in Pakistan with upto 70 years of experience in Sales & Distribution, it has acquired the position of Distribution and Logistics business in consumer goods and is currently operating in 44 locations all over Pakistan.
Wella Academy engages the hairdressers to form a tightly-knit-community in which stylists are provided with a forum to engage in a free exchange of ideas and communicate both visually and verbally. It is a place where hairdressers participate in a variety of seminars and learn about product methodology and philosophy, business-building and more. They embody advanced service performance and provide multiple educational and training facilities to their workers.
“In Salon Industry education plays a pivotal role. We recognize hairdressers as the authority and through the Wella Academy we aim to provide them with the inspiration that they need to grow their craft and enjoy enabling their expression of artistry.” Says Ms.Naushin Shahid – Business Unit Head WELLA Professionals.

Apart from that, the Wella Academy serves as the expression of a unique business culture based on worldwide dialogue and exchange, and provides and promotes all the products and services required by stylists to guarantee their success. Wella Academy is a marketing instrument, intended to represent Wella as well as the iconic professional brands and offers the most competent specialists to strengthen client relations and improve client acquisition.
“Wella Academy will be a great bridge between innovation in hair care and Pakistan hair dressers’ community. We look forward to a great event managed by Catwalk events & Catalyst PR, and we hope the response from the salons and the industry will be as overwhelming as we expect it to be” says Ms.Munyba Khan – Brand Manager WELLA Professionals.

On Thursday 12th February, Wella Academy opened its doors to the crème de la crème of Pakistani salon industry. The salon was inaugurated by the notable Mr. Klinner Tilo as the Chief Guest from the German Consulate.
The launch event comrpsied of Fashion presentation by leading models of Pakistan including Fauzia, Maham, Parisheh,  Nazish, Zarmeen, Humaira, Ekra & Sana Parvez. The models were styled by famous stylist Raana Khan and the amazing attire was designed by Sadaf Malaterre. The event was attended by crème de la crème of Fashion Industry including Mathira, Nadia Hussain, Moomal Sheikh and Famous beauticians and stylists of K-Town.


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