On 13th Janaury 2015 at Mohatta Palace, Karachi, at the event POND’S MIRACLE GRAND GALA the 100 POND’S Miracle women were honoured and celebrated the miraculous stories of these 100 Pakistani women.

The fabulous night at Mohatta Place was out come of hectic effort by Internationaly known brand for beauty POND’S. By highlighting the achivements of todays women, the Miracle Woman is defined as one who is not only managing a professional career but also bringing her children, running her home and meeting all of the many social obligations.

POND’S celebrates the soft strength of women, the miracle journey commenced in March 2014 where TEN MIRACLE MENTORS were tasked to select 10 other high achieving women who would be the Miricale Women of the month. After indentifing the 100 women their detailed stories were recorded and were brought to life on the event at MOHATTA PALACE GALA.  Henceforth POND’S MIRACLE JOURNEY will bring to the froefront a 100 women each year and celebrate their miraculous journeys in both personal and professional lives.

RAHEEL PASHA, Director Marketing Personal Care Unilever Pakistan says “The Pond’s Miracle Journey is our small effort in celebrating these miraculous women who strike this beautiful balance effortlessly and make their famalies and their country proud of who they are and what they have achieved. Our aim is to continue to find such inspiring stories in our society and bring them to the forefront so that we can all realize and celebrate the inner strength and beauty that is symbolic of the POND’S woman.”

At the glamorous event the performance of ZOE VICCAJI and HUMERA CHANNA songs made the atmosphere high. Further  all the 100 women, their Miracle Mentors and their partners were appreciated during the evening. They had stories to tell and all heard stories which were traced and narrated the impactful journey of Pakistani women from its birth to the present day.

To View Complete Set Of Picture Click Here


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