SSFor Fashion Pakistan Week A/W ’14 ultra-glam and meticulous fashion designer, Shehla Chatoor for her luxury brand SHEHLA further pushes geographical boundaries and delves into Japonism artistry for the MISAKI(beautiful blossom) Luxury Prêt capsule with its hint of ingenious sportswear elements.

Inspired by the autumnal landscapes on both Byobu -the Japanese tradition of artisanal hand-painted folding paper screens – and Fusuma panels which are distinctive icons of far eastern art that demarcate private spaces for poets, tea drinkers or high-ranking samurai lords; Shehla dovetails this inspiration with intricate Japanese basket-weaving techniques; leather interweaving, braiding and the quilting redolent of samurai warriors’ armour to render MISAKI as intimate yet formal, chic yet complex, both utilitarian and sculptural, traditional and innovative, natural and structured. And of course luxurious and stunningly beautiful.

Working on an autumnal and wintry palette of black, beige, nude and gold, the predominantly western capsule incorporates a generous medley of interwoven, braided, latticed and basket-woven leather on luxe cape jackets,  peek-a-boo cropped tops and mini-to-midi cocktail dresses, juxtaposed with on-trend voluminous ball skirts and floor-skimming gowns rendered from historically researched opulent silk prints of  burnt sienna and cerise-tinged landscapes, horizons and sunsets embellished with intricate handcrafted cut-work and meticulously hewed needlepoint and end-noted with innovative metal eyelets, studs and rings festooned on sheer lace for an added glam quotient.

The embellished cape jackets can be insouciantly paired with leggings and dresses and translate well into eastern wear ensembles and along with the billowing skirts can be worn at seasonal balls and weddings.

Sophisticated, sexy and chic sheer lace and printed sarees and edgy blouses ornamented with leather and fur accents add eastern allure avec un difference!

To add an element of design variance SHEHLA has incorporated a sportswear element to the MISAKI capsule with hand-embroidered eponymous slogan T-shirts and sport jackets worn with leather track pants for an almost modern Tokyo vibe.

As in the previous highly-acclaimed SAMSARA collection SHEHLA has designed jewellery and accessories to accompany the MISAKI capsule with hand-made statement necklaces pendants and earrings; ornate, jade-encrusted cuffs; hand-embroidered box clutches; Perspex clutches enclosing pouches with slogan details celebrating the year SHEHLA came into existence (1995); leather-braided shoes and stilettos and quilted and in-house printed boots and booties

The impetus of SHEHLA’s design philosophy is to create collections that are innovative, unique and captivating. Keeping the elements and philosophy of the design house constant, while adding innovative cuts and lengths (this time varying both volume and length), and an incorporation of new techniques (eyelets, woven and latticed leather and grittier metallic accents) allow the designer to create über-glam, sensual, and sophisticated ensembles that are both luxurious and timeless.

Shehla Chatoor began her eponymous luxury label SHEHLA with a bridal line alongside a formal/trousseau line 19 years ago in 1995. Since then she has won the award for ‘Most Inspiring Designer’ of Fashion Pakistan Week 2012 for her alluring cocktail collection of cocktail

dresses and jumpsuits entitled ‘Spring Equinox’ and has been nominated Best Designer Luxury Prêt at the prestigious Lux Style Awards (LSA) for the last 4 years.

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