Bashar Momin Returns to TV Screens With New Plot Twists & Cameo Guest Appearances

6Devoted viewers and fans who have followed the first 13 episodes of Geo TV and A&B Entertainment’s mega-budget TV serial ‘Bashar Momin’ will be delighted to learn that the title protagonist (played by impresario Faisal Qureshi)’s mean-spirited and detestable shenanigans will return to TV screens tonight (Friday September 12, 2014) from 8pm to 9pm on Geo TV –Har Pal Geo with titillating new plot twists and surprising revelations.
This re-emergence after a brief proscription also heralds Geo TV’s ongoing commitment to air the highest standards of entertainment and values on its myriad channels.
In tonight’s episode (Episode 14) audiences will learn details of Bashar Momin (BM)’s sad past and heart-rending struggles which have affected his psyche and made him the cold-hearted individual he is.
BM will manipulate and convince Adil (Yasir Mazher) via monetary remuneration that he is a suitable life partner for Adil’s younger sister, Rudaba (Ushna Shah). Through dramatic turns BM will continue to use his crafty wiles, and although initially resistant, Rudaba will ultimately give into the pressure.  Watch to see how and why!
Fans also be sure not to miss the highly charged and emotional confrontation when Buland (Sami Khan returns and is devastated to see Rudaba with Bashar!
Black-hearted Tayyaba, BM’s evil younger sister (Sundas Tariq) is involved in a deathly accident. But does she survive?   Devotees have to tune in to find out!
Veteran actors Noman Ejaz and Hina Khwaja Bayat make cameo guest appearances in future episodes which adds gravitas to the dynamically suspenseful TV serial which explores themes of family, love, jealousy, hate, revenge and the human condition revolving around the protagonist BM.
Welcome Back Bashar Momin!


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