An Exclusive Interview With Sanam Jung ( Jago Pakistan Jago )

MovieShoovy : As the Beautiful Sila in Dil-e-Mustar and playing the Calm and sweet role in Muhubaat Subh Ka Sitara, do you think that your new avatar as a Host will astonish the audience?

Sanam Jung : “The role I played in Dil-e-Mustar and Muhubaat Subh ka Sitara were probably the girl who couldn’t show excitement and had to be a sweet simple person but THAT Sanam Jung wasn’t the real Sanam Jung it was Sila or Romesa, in the morning show its ME! My Character sometimes I’m happy I’m sad Super Happy or excited it’s a new thing for the audience but not that new because when I hosted JPJ on Hum Tv for two weeks we developed a connection a relation I Think You People Know Me.”

MovieShoovy : Who would be a Dream Guest to have on your show?

Sanam Jung : “Dream guest! I think we’re trying like we are lining up have to try harder.”

MovieShoovy : What’s the most challenging part of your job?

Sanam Jung : “The Most Challenging part is to make the audience happy, to get a hold of them, to understand their demands. It’ll take sometime to get a hold of it for me its new, realizing their demands and priorities of what they prefer watching. Its a challenge to find out and once you do it’s a win-win situation. Things get easier that way.”

MovieShoovy : How you choose your guests for each show?

Sanam Jung : “Basically we do the topics first ,when its lined up then we select the guests for the show, so ultimately we get the guests related to the topics”

MovieShoovy : Do you think there has been a decline in the popularity of The Morning Shows?

Sanam Jung : “Slightly! Little bit ! like the Morning shows are being hosted on various channels, there has been some blunders but No Worries we’ll get that audience back. You keep watching Jago Pakistan Jago, it’ll get better.”

MovieShoovy : What sort of issues your planning to cover?

Sanam Jung : “ Social, informative little bit entertainment. but we start with entertainment a MIXTURE! Like people want to see different things some want informative while others want a lot of enjoyment, will motivate the audiences towards it all. We wish to satisfy them.”

MovieShoovy : What you prefer more VJ, Hosting or Acting?

Sanam Jung : “Hosting Defiantly Hosting ..Anytime.”

MovieShoovy : If the Audience does not like a certain thing on your show can they complain and receive a positive result on it?

Sanam Jung : “ We do get Feedbacks. Allah’mdiulliah. This is a blessing that you get feedback because that proves people are watching and responding, we don’t take it negatively we do take feedback and try to improve, we get it about the show, the set ,sometimes about me about how I look or speak or sit sometimes about the audience, so we happily accept the audience’s feedback.

MovieShoovy : Upcoming Serials?

Sanam Jung : “I’m doing this serial for HUM TV its called “Alvida” great script. Strong characters I simply love the characters can not say much just that you all have to wait and the Director is Shahzaad Kashmiri.”

Any Message for your Fans…………………………….

Sanam Jung : “Ah! Keep watching Jago Pakistan Jago  & Keep giving feedbacks. Thank you.”


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