AGAR TUM NA HOTEY : Hum TV New Drama Serial

Agar Tum Nah Hotey TitleThe plot of this serial is based on the intertwined stories of two families, Ahmer – a successful widower and father of an eight year old girl, and Anwar Sahib and his only daughter Hina. Anwar Sahib is not just a hardworking employee of Ahmer’s but also a father figure for him. Anwar’s friend Akhlaq sends his son’s proposal for Hina, which Anwar Sahib accepts, only to discover Akhlaq’s intention is just to get hold of Anwar Sahib’s lifesavings. As fate would have it, Anwar Sahib suffers a heart attack and on his death bed, requests Ahmer to take care of his daughter as she has no one else. While the two are brought to a new crossroads in their life, Ahmer’s best friend Maheen enters the story and ads another twist to their tale.

Discover what life holds for the threesome in AGAR TUM NA HOTEY only on HUM TV.

Writer:             Ghazala Aziz

Director:          Fahim Burney

Producer:         Syed Afzal Ali

Cast:                Sania Shamshad, Kunwar Arsalan, Hassan Ahmed, Yasir Shuro, Uroosa Qurashi and Maryum Ansari.

Day/Time:       Every Monday-Thursday at 7:25 pm.


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