Norwegian Brand Floyd By Smith Opened Their First Store In Pakistan

IMG_2091The Famous Norwegian brand Floyd by smith opened their first store in Pakistan in the city of lights Karachi, located at the new Zamzama Mall. Silky sheath dresses in poppy accents made their way on the runway, at the launch of the new Norwegian store, Floyd by Smith, bought to Pakistan by Nordic 1 and Catalyst PR. The event was attended by the creme le creme of Pakistan Fashion industry including Anjeline Malik, Sadaf Malaterre,Mohsin Sayeed,Maheen Hussain, Nadia mistry, Ali Saleem. 

Floyd by Smith was founded by a Norwegian Smith family since the mid-80s. It began with its headquarters in Holmestrand and soon entered the brick and mortar world in 1986.  Apart from delivering Floyd-outfits to 259 independent stores in Norway, and having 8 concept and 12 cooperative stores under their own label; their clothes are also sold in multi-brand stores across the country. They have Cash & Carry wholesale too, which continues to boost its sales. It is also not just well-known for its collections that are specially designed from Norway, but also because of their dedicated salesmen who are knowledgeable in their field of work.

For the launch held on 26th June 2014, the onlookers watched transfixed as the models strut the runway, in bespoke gowns and western-wear. The collection, that is majorly designed and manufactured in Norway, started off with lean trousers, sheer chiffon tops and flimsy shrugs with minimalist cuts. The most liked outfits from the western-collection were the paste hued shirts with embellish collars, and a chic crop-top with military buttons. Glamorized shirtwaists, flowing goddess gowns and cheeky minidresses followed suit. And they were chicly tapered and steamlined to perfection. Out of this capsule, mini-tutu ensemble and bejeweled-bodice frocks in punchy hues, thrilled the audiences.

In all, the fashion presentation carried out under the catwalk veteran, Frieha Altaf, displayed a perfect mesh of tasteful tailoring and sturdiest wardrobe additions. It was a well-attended event by celebrities, socialites and gorgeous young girls and boys who seemed pleased and eager to buy the fabulous outfits.

Floyd by Smith, located at the heart of Zamzama Mall, is now open for public. It targets females, from 16 years to 30 years and above, who prefer to say up-to-date with trends and are fashionably aware of their signature style. They offer formal and semi formals, along with trendiest handbags and accessories that is sure to leave its customers satisfied

The fashion presentation comprised of famous models including Nadia Hussain, Areeba Habib, Sana Sarfaraz, Faiza Ansari,Maham, Ekra Faiz & Manaal. The event was managed by catwalk events & PR was being handled by Catalyst PR & Marketing.


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