Sunsilk Unveils Fashion Edition Bottles 2014

All of themThe designers for the Sunsilk Fashion Edition for 2014 were disclosed at an exclusive bloggers meet in karachi on. whereas HSY and Khaadi were a part of the lineup last year too, this year the new additions were FnkAsia and Sana Safinaz alongwith HSY and Khaadi.


Since 2013 Sunsilk has been commemorating the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week by commissioning designer bottles for their range of shampoos. The Sunsilk Fashion Edition bottles bring fashion to the consumer’s doorstep and actually delight them with a high fashion providing at an reasonable worth.

For 2014 the spanking new bottles were unconcealed consistent with the variant colors. There was HSY who designed the glamourous and iconic Sunsilk Black Shine, Fnk Asia’s yellow variant featured the brand’s spirited colors and bold ethnic motifs whereas each Khaadi for the Hairfall solution mustard bottle and Sana Safinaz for the Thick and Long Pink variant dressed the bottle in their signature lawn prints and motifs.


FnkAsia’s design for the yellow Soft & smooth bottle was funky with the brand’s signature bold and ethnic motifs. Designer Huma Adnan drew inspiration from the “freedom of spirit that exudes from the ladies in Tharparkar as they’re not shackled by urban laws.”


HSY who glamorized Sunsilk Black Shine with a black and gold style aforementioned, “Our inspiration for the black shine bottle was pure glamour, uncountable glitter and bold gold. There is nothing sexier than slinky black shine and our inspiration was black satin silk with a dash of gold.”


At the opposite end of the design spectrum are the continually popular lawn motifs and styles. It’s hard to miss the gold Hairfall answer bottles with its trademark Khaadi print. Shamoon of Khaadi says, “Our bottle was designed keeping gold hues in mind. It fits in well with this years’ lawn collection.”


The Thick & Long pink bottle carries the classic Sana Safinaz fabric motifs and in keeping with Safinaz is “clean, tidy and extremely pretty.”
Four models representing each style, wore the signature colors and ensembles styleed by each design house. Fouzia Aman For Hassan Sheheryar Yaseen , Nooray Bhatti for Fnk Asia , Rubya Chaudhry for Sana Safinaz & Sadaf Kanwal for Khaadi. The Sunsilk Fashion Edition bottles are thirstily expected every year and will be out there to buy at all shops later this month.

Sunsilk brand Manager Madiha Saeed said, “We love the actual fact that every bottle is true to the essence of the individual designer. All of them are therefore completely different and yet so exciting. we are delighted to show our bottles into alittle of high fashion for our ladies, designed by their favorite fashion designers.”


At the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week in april this year, the brand had initiated the fun Guess The Designer for the four new Sunsilk bottles. On all four days of Fashion Week, the exciting Sunsilk Lounge at the Red Carpet featured the colors and motifs and bits of the designer’s work and every one invitees and guests were asked to participate within the Guess the Designer digital game.

Anisa and Amina Khan of RAKA created the glamourous lounge styles and therefore the final reveal stands at the event at the Pearl Continental.



Sunsilk Fashion Edition Designer Bottles Launch from MovieShoovy on Vimeo.


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