Strepsils Cool Awaz

cover newHey there all! Something crazy is coming your way! 😀
In the emerging digital medium, Strepsils Pakistan has launched a unique campaign that seeks to showcase the hidden talent within Pakistan.

Strepsils Pakistan is bringing you the biggest online singing contest called ‘Strepsils Cool Awaz’, where you can sing your heart out and get to win amazing prizes like Rs.100,000, Ipod Touch & Yamaha Acoustic Guitar! Ain’t that just appealing enough?

All you have to do is:

  • Dial 021-37130030
  • Sing a song for 30 seconds
  • Get an entry straight into the competition!

Strepsils Cool Awaaz will be divided into three phases; 1 – Selection of Top 20 contestants, 2 – Shortlisting of the best 10 contenders, and 3 – Online voting where you can vote for your favorite singer!

The process is simple. Dial, Sing and Win! Participants have to simply dial 021-37130030 and they shall be instructed to record a song of their choice, in their voice, for 30 seconds. Upon submission, the entry will be entered directly into the competition. Once the submission process has ended, top 20 contestants shall be chosen and contacted. After a second round of recording, Top 10 entries will be posted on their Official Facebook Page for the fans to Listen and Vote according to their preference!

So, get your throats ready and prepare yourselves for a breezy summer with Strepsils Pakistan!


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