Hum Masala Family FestivalThe trendy event MAASALA FOOD FESTIVAL was held for two days on 31st May and 1st June 2014 at EXPO CENTRE KARACHI


The never-ending delight of MAASALA FOOD was attended by leading media, interested food bloggers, leading lights from Pakistan’s entertainment and lifestyle print media, Festival was to offer the opportunity for the visitors to note the tips which help them to prepare the best food while they want to enjoy with their family/friends and also on the special occasions.


HUM NETWORK “SIGNIFY INNOVATION AND FUN” wish you to induce out of your homes for an evening and attend refreshing events like MASALA FOOD FESTIVAL, it also wants to rejuvenate and revitalize your mind and souls only for change. This is certainly not just party store, the top chefs of HUM NETWORK such as ZUBEDA AAPA, SHIREEN ANWAR, RIDA AFTAB and others who demonstrated their live show to let you know the secret of their delicious dishes. It was the answer to all your needs for offering tasty easy to prepare and high quality MASALA FOODS for your guests and also helping you to maximize the fun for all kinds of your celebrations.


The crowd came to the event and enjoyed the MASALA FOOD FESTIVAL from all over the country. The space specially reserved for eating activities was specified as the food court, where all the eatables and drinks were made available under the one roof for the visitors who kept on visiting regularly. Considering the need and enjoyment of kids a separate kid zone (playing area) was introduced and space was made available for kids activities.


In another Hall the stalls were set for different forms of merchandise which were visited by huge crowd. This showed public interest in the events organized by HUM NETWORK and particularly women crowd and their love for MASALA FOOD FESTIVAL was notable.


Though the “free entry” attracted a huge crowd who were visiting the event regularly from 10 AM to 10 PM the event was controlled and managed in a very professional way. We are looking forward for such FESTIVAL’S in forth coming days.-




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