tabassum mudgal bridal couture weekAfter the spectacular response of her last foray at Pantene Bridal Couture Week in 2013 with her breathtaking collection ‘Two Seasons,’ this is the fourth time Tabassum Mughal Haute Couture’ will participate at Pantene BCW.
The present collection for PBCW 2014 ‘Floral Tapestries/’Embroidered Dreams’ is deeply inspired by nature and the royal courts of the 16th century. With a resplendently kaleidoscopic and colourful nod to the spring season with ornate ombré gowns, the collection is a glorious interplay between art, nature and fashion, with artistic representations of vases and urns filled with aromatic blooming flowers, with the gilded floral motifs redolent of Renaissance-era tapestries. Notably, the house’s ruby- red bridal coats featuring richly embroidered depictions of wildlife and gold urns add an element of art to the collection. Soft, sheer fabrics including lace, net and chiffon are juxtaposed with rich elements such as pure silk and velvet in three distinct palettes: ivory and gold; gradient tonal ombré, and rich and regal hues such as deep ruby-red, effervescent emerald green and claret. Using her signature intricate metal-wire and silk-thread embroidery, end-noted with pearls, semi-precious stones and Swarovski crystals, each silhouette from the collection, including those with novel cuts and detailed draping resonates with royal grandeur while being versatile enough to be timeless and luxury-prêt. Brides who pick pieces from ‘Floral Tapestries/’Embroidered Dreams’ will undoubtedly feel glamorous, regal, elegant and of course, beautiful.


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