Sania Maskatiya to showcase Her new luxury/pret collection, ‘Kuamka: Awakening’ at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week

Sania Maskatiya Hot of the runway with their acclaimed ‘Dancing Dolls’ capsule collection showcased in February 2014 in karachi, the Sania Maskatiya team introduces an entire collection, “Kuamka: Awakening”, on Day 1 of  PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week, thursday 10th of Apr 2014. With this collection, the whole also debuts a capsule collection of their Menswear line.

For ‘Kuamka: Awakening’, the Sania Maskatiya style team draw inspirations from the spirit of Africa through the utilization of African geometry, aesthetics, culture and landscape to capture a continental wakening. With signature custom designed Sania Maskatiya prints, the collection relies in a variety of materials together with crepes, chamois and cloth with decorated embellishments and structured cuts. the collection harnesses the raw energy, resilience and beauty of the African continent and embarks on a journey stuffed with vibrant colors, vivid earthy landscapes and natural imagination.

Speaking regarding her collection for PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week, Sania Maskatiya aforesaid “Designing a new collection is usually associate exciting experience. It provides US the prospect to experiment and implement new ideas; the method of seeing ones thoughts manifest into reality at intervals a set is usually enthralling. i’m particularly trying forward to our PSFW showcase as we have a tendency to bring our menswear to the ramp, that we’ve been coming up with and retailing at our stores since we have a tendency to launched as a whole, however haven’t heretofore, brought it onto the ramp.”

Sania Maskatiya’s signature aesthetic could be a balance between elegance, comfort and utility, with styles that usually take imaginative inspirations, manifest across 3 main lines together with prêt a porter, diffusion wear and high fashion, for girls of all ages along side choose menswear. The Sania Maskatiya style house uses solely pure materials cut and draped during a range of silhouettes making versatile appearance across all their fashion lines. The whole presently retails across 3 standalone store in Islamic Republic of Pakistan of that 2 square measure in karachi with one in Lahore. The label is additionally out there across choose multi whole boutiques across pakistan and internationally. Sania Maskatiya can shortly be out there to retail on-line at its own dedicated e-commerce web site.


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