Food Prints 1SHANAZ RAMZI a freelance journalist and prolific writer, She has written on a variety of subjects for various publications, local and international. Currently she is serving in HUM NETWORK LTD as GENERAL MANAGER, Publications and Public relations, and editor of MASALA TV FOOD MAG, Pakistan’s widely circulated food magazine.

SHAHNAZ has come out with a colorful publication “FOOD PRINTS.” The book is full of historical and geographical perspective to Pakistani cuisine. During the launch talk at the OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS book store on Wednesday 19th March 2014 she said “In order to understand any culture of nation, one needs to see or rather, taste the various flavours of their respective food. The diversity in local Pakistani cuisine should be celebrated, sadly and unfortunately it is not.”

Shanaz Ramzi

SHAHANAZ in her publication has include special dishes of own choice apart from the recipes from across the country. It provides you with a historical and geographical perspective to Pakistani cuisine. A unique effort to bring the reader the superfluity of dishes popular in the country, you will find that in many case she has given the origin of the dishes. She has also written in detail about the background information which helps to understand the reason for some of the rich diversity of styles.

“FOOD PRINTS” is outstanding and very well written book. It is not out of place to mention that research done by SHANAZ RAMZI for collecting such a huge variety of recipes with cooking techniques, should have been a tire some job, the way she has described the history of Pakistan and the different culture with the food they use. The Pakistani foods are reflected in her book and are a testament to simple ingredients producing sublime tastes.

While concluding the talks she said “Pakistani food’s strength lies in the various spices we use. Also, many spices have health benefits,” RAMZI pass on the tip to the elders of the families to at least once a week they should arrange a traditionally set menu, it will inherit food culture of the families in the young ones.



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