Hum Tv New Drama Serial “Kahani Raima aur Manahil ki”

IMG_0990 copyThe plot revolves around two couples. The first couple, Wamaj and Raima to an upper-middle class family and have been married for the past ten years despite their hatred for each other. They cannot opt out matrimony owing to the will left by their respective fathers.  The second couple is that of Abrar and Manahil, who love each other but cannot marry owing to financial constrains. Abrar works at Raima’s boutique while Manahil is Wamaj’s secretary. Raima and Wamaj try to exploit their subordinates’ financial weakness to end their own marriage.

Directed by:       Fahim Burney

Production:        Syed Afzal Ali (Mushroom Production)

Time and Day:   9:10pm Every Tuesday

Cast:      Sajjal, Mehreen Syed, Shahroz Sabzwari, Wasy Ch., Irfan Khosat, Ahmed Ali Butt

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