SINDHSindh Fashion Festival was a part of ongoing Sindh Festival it was 2 days event to be held on12 and 13 February 2014 at NAPA in Karachi. But the 2nd Day event was deferred due to the unfortunate incident (terrorist attack) in Karachi wherein 13 policemen were martyr.

The Sindhi society is dominated by great Sufis like SHAH ABDUL LATIF BHITAI, the mystics and the martyrs, the land of peace, love, romance, and great cultural and artistic values. In Sindh different domestic festivals are arranged including two main festivals on Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-adha to provide people with new things on these different occasions, they can enjoy music and folk dances of BHAGAT performed by professionals. The cultural festivals are entertainment for local people.

However, the event” SINDH FASHION FESTIVAL” was a success, it was idea of the young and devoted leader of Pakistan BILAWAL BHUTTO, to held Fashion Extravaganza and showcasing the finest talent of the country. It also included Music and dance performances, the infectious beats of very energetic folk singers and the superstars of the music industry the brilliant FUZON! Dance performance by the 02 Group. The event was comprise of fashion presentation which featured Top Models of Karachi and Lahore

The following designers showcase their collection;

  • BUNTO KAZMI: “Embroidered Dreams” collection of shawls and panels.
  • FNK ASIA: brings you a young and fresh Sindh, she emerge cohesively as one well-blend style-depicting the richness of Sindh.
  • AMIR ADNAN: showcases “young Pakistan on the Road to Success:” presents SHERWANI, WAISTCOAT, and SHALWAR KAMEEZ.
  • NAUMAN ARFEEN: inspired by Sindh “KAALA TEETAR”. The collection’s standout feature is the in-house designed and printed AJRAKS.
  • ZAHEER ABBAS: “AJRAKISTAN” collection predominantly based of the AJRAK a symbol of Sindhi tradition. He transforms the fabric into modern-day attire, emphasizing block prints and rich colors.
  • UMAR SAYEED: One of the premiere fashion designer of Subcontinent and the grandest luxury label of the region.

The glamorous evening was attended by high ranking celebrities including BLILWAL BHUTTO, SHREEN REHMAN, BAKHTAWAR ZARDARI, SHERYAR TASEER,   SHARMILA FAROOQUE, designers, media & socialites.

The event was coordinated and managed TEHMINA KHALED of TAKEII Hair and Make-up by ANGIE MARSHALL. The Show including all the dances choreographed by OMAR RAHIM.

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