First HUM Network Bloggers Meet-up

bloger MeetupThe PR department of HUM Network Ltd in collaboration with Movenpick Hotel, Karachi organized its First Bloggers Meet-up here today to acknowledge the efforts of bloggers and social media activists in disseminating information, and to apprise them of all the network’s latest projects.

Presentations of the latest programs on HUM, HUM Sitaray and Masala were shown to the bloggers as well as one by Movenpick Hotel to introduce their set-up. After each presentation the floor was opened to questions and answers.

GM Public Relations, HUM Network Ltd, Shanaz Ramzi, announced that as an incentive to bloggers, each time they blog on the Network, they could send the Network the link to the specific blog, which would in turn post it on their own platform and also provide the link thereby diverting mammoth traffic to their blogs and enhancing their blog’s credibility.

A regular Bloggers Meet-up would be organized by the Network, giving them the status and importance that members of the press receive.

HUM Network also plans to link up with a recognized local blogging entity and initiate awards to appreciate the efforts of Pakistani bloggers.

Quality blogs will also be supported with ads of the Network after careful scrutiny of the blog by Hum Network  management.


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