“Jimmy Khan & The Big Ears” this New Year with their first release: ‘Nadiya”

Jimmy Khan & The Big Ears - LogoPopular musician Jimmy Khan, who first made his debut with ‘PehlaPyar’ in 2011 and ‘AisayKaisay’ the following year, introduces a new avatar with Jimmy Khan & The Big Ears – a collaborative title and a brand new sound with ‘Nadiya’ as the first single from the album, releasing nationwide on 01stJanuary 2014.

Jimmy Khan & The Big Ears include Jimmy Khan himself (Vocals/Guitars), Zain Ahsan (Ukulele/Producer), Sameer Ahmed (Bass) and RaavailSattar (Percussions).Nadiya has been composed, written and sung by Jimmy himself and produced by Zain Ahsan with Sameer Ahmed on bass and RaavailSattar on percussions. Nadiya is the first single from the untitled album and the song draws inspiration from 50’s/60’s film music, redone using folk instruments, it simply speaks of love loss.

Speaking about the release of Nadiya, Jimmy Khan has said, “As I continue my journey to discover my sound, with Jimmy Khan & the Big Ears, I’d have to say I’m the closest to where I want to be. I think Nadiya is a song I had written in my head years before actually penning it down and to me it serves as an immediate reminder of classic film music; Nadiya is for all who miss the simplicity in song writing and music and this new collaborative sound would not have been possible without the incredibly seasoned and talented Big Ears including Zain Ahsan, RaavailSattar& Sameer Ahmed.”

A Lahore based artist, Jimmy has been an amateur performer since the age of 13 and has been a definitive part of the Lahore underground music scene 2005. During the early years he was part of the aptly titled ‘Cover Band’ which on numerous occasions has been known to feature music maestros like Mekaal Hassan, Louis J. Pinto (Gumby), Farhan Albert, Waqar Khan and Ahmed Ali Butt to name a few. He is also a resident performer at Lahore’s popular restaurant Gunsmoke. Few of his most talked about performances are Jimmy Khan Live at Cosa Nostra, The Beatles Tribute at LGS, Annual Ball at Tetra Pak Pakistan, Levis Red Tab Gig at the Lahore Alhamra Auditorium and US Consulate private shows.

Catch ‘Nadiya’ across all radio networks, online and on all your favourite music channels across Pakistan on January 01st2014. For more information and updates on Jimmy Khan’s musical journey with the big ears, keep yourself logged on to:



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