Aisay Jalay Jia

“Aisay Jalay jiya” is a story about a materialistic woman Aman, who sacrifices the happiness of her children for her lust. Aman has a daughter and a married son.

Her son-in-law desires to work abroad but doesn’t have the finances required for travel. He pressurizes his wife for money but when she asks her mother for it. She puts in stake the happiness of her son by playing with the lives of her daughter in law.

Aman saves the marriage of her daughter but what happens to her family?
To find out, watch Hum TV’s new drama serial “Aise Jalay Jiya”
Writer: Shahid Nizami
Director: Angeline Malik
Producer: Angelic Films
Cast: Sonia Hussain, Imran Aslam, Mehjabeen, Behroz Sabzwari & Samina Ahmed.

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