The launch of FARID SUPER MARKET was held on 10th September 2013located at the Lower Ground floor of the Ocean Mall Clifton Karachi, it has so deeply been carried in the memories of the visitors specially living in Karachi. The super market is food cooperative whose aim is to provide the citizen of Karachiwith widest varieties of groceries, good and cheap food, dairy and desserts, cheese selections, cold cuts, fresh fruits and vegetable at competitive prices that’s fair to consumers and producers.

FARID Super Market the very affordable one stop shopping solution for the Karachi consumers, offering choice and variety, value for money and quality like never before; you can find groceries, food, poultry, frozen goods, dessert, fish and meat.
Once you have shopped or just want to take snacks there is a food court outside Super Market offering Pakistani chat, Burmese food, American waffles, imported and local ice cream, Pizzas and CALZONES and BOBA juice and Shave ice.
FARID SUPER MARKET has different sections as under:-
  1. Mars Money Exchange, express banking center with AT facility.
  2. SPLIT level book shop, the reputable Liberty books, Biographies, fiction, best sellers magazines, children’s books and cook books.
  3. Best music and movie selection in town,
  4. Vast toy selection-for children of all age, baby swings and stuffed toys to remote control cars, lamps, stationery and coloring books.
  5. The official beauty partner NABILA full range of cosmetics and perfumery, the famed SCENTSATION-with every thing from KARAJA and Sweet touch to L’Oreal and MAC for every kind of consumer.
  6. An extensive electronics area, with every type of household and personal appliance.
  7. MEN’S Corner all accessories including undergarments, Cigars, pens and sunglasses.
  8. Crockery selection, household linen, kitchen utensils and bake-ware and decorative.  
  9. A trendy Luggage selection In all shapes and sizes for camping, hunting, Golf and sports the is a stock of every thing from YOGA mats weight training implements, chiller boxes to barbecue grills and every kind of picnic essentials.
 It is worth mentioning here that the launch was attended by celebrities, media and socialites. The event was handled by CATALYST PR & MARKETING.


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